We enable colleges and universities to quickly and easily establish in-country marketing and enrollment engagements through innovative model and solution to realize market success.

About Us


We are in love with liberal arts education and defending the value of liberal arts education in our own way since the humble beginning of our work in China. Along the years of practice, we keep on learning from our partner institutions, from local recruitment networks, from students and families. Determination made to continuously evolve our services to be precise and effective in serving our clients. 

Who is CEC

China Enrollment Center (CEC) is dedicated to provide individualized marketing services to higher education institutions, help them success in the world’s most important education market, China. 

We are not agent or middlemen, our only business and economic drive is to provide realistic, workable, result oriented in-market services to our clients.

We only work with institutions of the kind who share the belief on fostering their students with excellent learning and campus environment and integration of holistic education with career focused program.

  • Planning on ChinaWe help you plan on China, through our inquiry and consultation process, advices provided to assist you formulating the engagement strategies, marketing plans for effective implementations.

  • Student RecruitmentLocal team to help your institution develop and manage recruitment networks of agencies and high school partners for enrollment productivity.

  • Application CoordinationUnder your direction to relieve the international admissions burden by ensuring that applications are complete,verified, prioritized and to have well coordinated application processing.

  • Communication ToolsLocalized content management, on landing website, brochures & leaflet, social media account with activities monitored, inquiries responded, and content created to maintain the brand relevancy in the market.

  • Academic CollaborationOur staff help you establish and nurture academic collaborations on research, student exchange, teaching, or joint programs development.

  • Representative OfficeFull-time staff dedicated exclusively to your institution, supported by professional supervisory team.


There hardly be one generic solution to solve all problems. We recognize and respect that institutions with own definition of market success, acknowledge the uniqueness of market challenges among institutions. Either to look for an efficient market entry or an productive penetration; to build brand presence or to realize the enrollment target. Our services are designed precisely to address your mission in China market.  

Five Core Service Modules


Initiatives for Liberal Arts Success (IFLAS) is a membership program administered by CEC, aiming to promote liberal arts education in general and individual liberal arts collegeinChina through engagement services.

China Rep Service (CRS) is the innovative service solution for the client university with comprehensive ground servicesto improve on marketing, communication, and recruitmentcapabilities in China market. We invest in each of our engagement by taking off the financial & management burden off the shoulders of our clients, to make sure our financial objective is highly consistent with yours.
Uniqueness & Advantages
Shared value & Teamwork

Shared Value

“People can barely understand themselves and the world of life
without the meaningful education.”

We believe man and woman are all born with own mission. College education should not only be preparing students on the skills required by the immediate jobs, but also to enlighten all kinds of learners to explore themselves and the world with the broad basis of knowledge, the appreciations of the basic principles of beauty and love, the enthusiasm of engaging selves with a continuous life-long learning, the passions of devoting selves to tackle the challenges of world ahead of us, through sympathy, courage, communication, and leadership.


Our shared belief is our strength. The team are dedicated, hard working, and are passionately committed to their assigned institutions. Team member support and help each other by sharing market knowledge and insights through trainings. The unique conduct means we are more efficient to deliver results for the clients.

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International education promotes common understanding of multi-national business and nurtures friendships between boarders. CEC staff members are committed to the ideals of international education, and experienced in the practical aspects of the trade. We welcome ideas and comments from you and look forward working with your institution.

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